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In the continued effort to ensure all fans at Allegacy Stadium enjoy the Best Fan Experience in North Carolina, the Wake Forest ticket office has announced a new annual seat rights program for home football games.  This optional program allows fans to lock into their seating location on an annual basis rather than having their seats reassigned ahead of each season.

As opposed to the former football seat rights program, fans no longer have to enter a multi-decade seating commitment to ensure they get the same great seats each season. With the new annual seat rights program, there is an annual fee added on to the ticket cost which allows for the same seat renewals each year.


Interested fans are able to join the seat rights program now! Use our seat rights widget to determine how to join the annual seat rights program.  


The annual seat rights fee is determined by location and must be paid in addition to the season ticket price. The map above lays out the seat rights fee for each section at Allegacy Stadium. Fees are paid on a per seat basis.

For fans looking for a longer commitment, there is also an option to lock in current rates by paying for five years upfront at a 20% discount.


January 8, 2024
The Wake Forest Ticket Office will go on sale with season ticket renewals and new sales for the 2024 season.

End of January / Early February
The ACC annual announces the complete upcoming schedule for the fall football season around this time of year. With non-conference home games against Ole Miss, UConn and North Carolina A&T, and home ACC contests against Clemson, Virginia, Cal and Duke - the 2024 season is going to be fun for all inside Allegacy Stadium! 

March 29, 2024
This date marks the season ticket priority deadline, which means all Seat Rights Holders should have their order in by this date to select from the best seats available, on Deacon Club priority, in order to lock in the most desirable seats to renew each year.

Wake Forest Athletics will continue to sell annual seats rights throughout the year ahead of the 2024 season, but availability is subject to purchasers based on the above outlined dates. 


Funds from the seat rights program are used to enhance the game day experience at Allegacy Stadium and help create the Best Fan Experience in North Carolina. Examples of projects funded by the seat rights program are:
New LED Lighting
New Field Turf
Stadium Handrails
Specific items that are under consideration for future years inside Allegacy Stadium are a new sound system, a renovated Bob McCreary Video Board Honoring the Class of 1961, and seating enhancements and additions throughout Allegacy Stadium


Why should I participate in the Annual Seat Rights program?

This new short term commitment that will guarantee your same seat as the previous year as long as you stay current on your ASRP payments. Funds from the Annual Seat Rights Program will be used to continue to make Allegacy Stadium enhancements. Enhancements from the Seat Rights Program last year were Handrails in the stadium seating, stairs on Deacon Hill, LED Lighting, and new football turf. Future stadium enhancements on the horizon are a new video board and sound system. All Seat Right holders will receive exclusive commemorative tickets.

I'm a current season ticket holder. Do I have to purchase my seat rights to remain a season ticket holder?

No, you do not have to purchase your seat rights to be a season ticket holder for Wake Forest football. However, please note that if you do not purchase your seat rights, you are not guaranteed to receive the same seat location every season. The only way to guarantee your seat location is by purchasing the seat rights.

My friend would like to purchase seat rights next to mine. Are they available?

For friends or groups wanting to sit together, we encourage each person to communicate their preferences so that we can coordinate their selection times. We will do our best to accommodate requests during the selection process. Selection priority will be based on a number of factors such as years of purchase and past giving.

I want to join the Annual Seat Rights Program, but I want to change where my season tickets are located. Can I do that?

Yes, you can relocate your seats! When renewal applications open, you will be able to specify that you would like to opt in to seat selection. Just make sure to renew your current seats and add the additional seat right fees before you submit the application, as fans must pay to be eligible to enter seat selection. If necessary, accounts will be settled for any differences between your existing seats and your new seats after seat selection.

How much will my total payment be for 2024?

You can use the map below to determine how much your annual seat right payment will be for 2024. Please note these prices are per seat. You will then add the cost of your seat rights to your season ticket cost to get your total payment due. Season ticket pricing will be released in 2024.

Will there be a payment plan option available for annual seat rights?

Yes, there will be a payment plan option available for your season tickets and your annual seat right fees.

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